Change recipe card labels

Change recipe card labels


As plugin authors, sometimes we lack the unique creativity to give things creative names 🤪.

For example, on your recipe card, instead of boring Instructions, you might want to have Directions, or Path to Deliciousness?


Follow these steps to change recipe card labels (i.e. wording) in Zip Recipes:

  1. Install and Activate the Loco Translate plugin on your website: Screenshot: Loco Translate being installed
  2. Click on Loco Translate on the left hand menu and then Zip Recipes under Running plugins: section: Screenshot: Zip Recipes running plugin in Loco
  3. Now you'll see a list of languages that Zip Recipes is already translated into.
    Important: Do NOT simply edit the language you want to change. This change will be overwritten next time Zip Recipes is updated.
  4. If you see your language in the list, click Copy to copy it: Screenshot: Copying language in Loco for Zip Recipes
    If your language is not in the list — like English (United States) — click New Language instead: Screenshot: New Language being created in Loco for Zip Recipes
  5. Now you choose your language and set the location to Custom.
    This is recommended in order to ensure you don't lose your translation when Zip Recipes or WordPress updates.
    Then you click Start translating: Screenshot: Saving new language in Loco for Zip Recipes
  6. Now you'll see the labels used in Zip Recipes under Source text. To edit a label, click on it and change the translation at the bottom. Once you do that ensure, you click Save: Editing Zip Recipes label in Loco translate
    If the source text has a %d, ensure you add the %d in your translation as well. %ds get replaced with numbers. For example %d minutes will become 5 minutes. Same applies for other % symbols like %s.

Once you click Save, you should see the changes in the recipe card right away!

That's all. Happy cooking!

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