Installing the Premium Version

  1. Click here to go to this page then click the top link (titled Download Zip Recipes ... version) and download Zip Recipes version you purchased

  2. Now, log into your site and go to Admin Dashboard

  3. Go to Plugins page

  4. Find Zip Recipes (or Zip Recipes Premium) and Deactivate it: Screenshot: Deactivate Zip Recipes

  5. Now, delete Zip Recipes (or Zip Recipes Premium). This will NOT delete your recipes 🙃: Screenshot: Delete Zip Recipes

  6. Click Add New to upload the new plugin: Screenshot: Add new plugin in WordPress

  7. Click Upload Plugin:
    Screenshot: Upload plugin in WordPress

  8. Click Browse... button and find Zip Recipes then click Open to use it: Screenshot: Browse to find plugin in WordPress Screenshot: Select file from file system

  9. Then click Install Now: Screenshot: Install now after uploading

  10. Now, click Activate Plugin to activate it Screenshot: Activate plugin

  11. You've successfully installed Zip Recipes Premium 😁

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