Visitor Rating

Visitor Ratings on recipe


Engaging with you readers is very important. The Visitor Rating feature allows your website visitors to vote on your recipes without logging in.

When a visitor rates a recipes, they will see that rating in the future and can change it as well. This allows visitors that come back to a recipe frequently to remember how well they liked it:

Screenshot: A visitor's saved rating of a recipe

We have spam protection in place where if we detect that someone's abusing the ratings and clicking too frequently, we start to delay them so your ratings are not affected.

How it Appears on Search Engines like Google

You recipe ratings will appear on Google's search engine results page and make your recipe pop out!

Screenshot: Google search result with calories and visitor ratings


If you don't wish to allow your visitors to rate your recipes, you can deactivate this feature from Zip Recipes > Manage Extensions.

From the extension list, uncheck VisitorRating and then click Save:

Screenshot: Deactivating Visitor Ratings for your recipes

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